Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Monkey Who Made a Storyboard

So! Today we had rushes for the "Myths and Legends" section. From last time I learnt that filling the middle with writing and silly one liners, isn't the way to go (seen as its an animation, Adam) Anyway! I've gone away and made myself a storyboard filling that section with lovely scenes of action and nonsense, which is what this myth is anyway (I do mean to get a copy of it typed up or something, I will after I've submitted it) But for now, here's a storyboard showing how I plan to get on with things, and get on with them I will :3 (I'm secretly enjoying this) <3


I've also changed the ending title sequence since this storyboard was made, here's a screenie of what's changed. Following feedback, basically the yellow text wasn't reading very well, and the "KING" part needed more emphasis (I did echo it after all), so I gave it a dark red back and the "KING" part, comes up and pushes the other words away, shuddering as the word KING echos. Adam is proud. :3

"The Monkey Who Would Be LOUD!!"

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