Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Monkey Wh-ITS FINISHED!!

"Showing in all cinemas, except that one."

(Finally he can stop using that awful pun on the title) Yes, yes I can, because the finished!! I am terribly proud of this, so proud I think I'm getting myself a celebratory biscuit after I've typed this. The animation is done, the voices recorded, the sounds levelled and the jigglier...jiggled. :3 We've had confusion, headaches, software problems and uploading issues but finally, we can sit back and watch a 1 minute piece of animation which I'm very happy with. :3 Its time to roll out the red carpet as we sit and watch the Final Trailer for "The Monkey Who Would Be King"


Any feedback or nonsense? Want to start throwing things at the screen? Tell me in a comment!! :3

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