Sunday, 20 January 2013

But you're not a gardener Adam!!

New Semester, new projects, its almost like its a new year or something!! Anyway,  on with the next big thing, which for me and Faye is vegetables!! We're taking on a group of characters called "The Garden Gang", (which was a project to get kids eating healthier by Adsa in 1999) and making a little animation about life in the garden for them. :3 I'm really looking forward too it. Here are a few sketches I've done of some of the characters. (no I wont do captions for them all, I refuse, :3 )

Phew!! Well done for getting through them all, hopefully I can post up an animatic soon to go with this soon :3 until then, byes!!

LINK - Faye's Blog, as I'm doing this project with her, give it a look!!

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