Monday, 25 March 2013

Olivia Yellow (Orange Adam, Orange)

Today has seen much progress, I finally managed to get the Mike Mushroom animation I lost re-animated again. Its taken longer due to random snow falling in March (ok...) But anyway, he's back now and he has another animation with him, introducing Olivia Orange!!

"No I don't have an itchy chin, I'm thinking!!"

This 1st animation is something I'm pretty happy with, though it's far from being finalised, the basics are there, and I even got to put in some secondary animation for her "hair" :3 (I do love secondries) anyway, here's a link to the piece.


Now I did say "1st animation" here's a 2nd one...


This came about rather confusingly, initially I wanted to make Olivia jump, but I instead made her rotate backwards, a few more spins (and some random ideas from others) and this was created, Olivia floating off into deep space worrying about a weed, Oh dear. :3

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Things are growing ahead nicely...

Progress!! Nearly every single character is fully rigged, and its finally time I did some tests animating them!! I've started small :3 namely, Mike Mushroom. I'm pretty happy with this scene, something feels incorrect but I cant think what, maybe someone else will spot it :3. Have a Link.

(Sadly, my USB is on its last legs, I'll have to re-animate this tomorrow, all of it is lost. :/ )

Monday, 11 March 2013

Sky Darts?

Another Sky Arts update!! Did huge amounts of actual animation on this today!! (Finally, no putting things together/rigging/drawing!!) It felt odd animating again after so long, but I got back into it :3 I might have a rough version of the piece ready on Wednesday. Until then though, here are a few images I took during the production of 3 of the 4 "characters" with there instruments. :3

"On the Guitar, The Amazing Ace!!"
"On the Rainbow Keyboard, Radical Rainbow Ronny!!"
"And on the Violin, Trevor, Just Trevor..."

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sky Parts (clouds?)

Another project!! This is another external brief project run by Sky Arts. We are to create a sting to advertise the channels Sky Arts 1 or 2. I finally started doing this project today and I'm happy with how far I got :3 I made an animatic!! and I did some designing on the side :3.

"AAARRRTTTSSS?" "no its Arts, three times..."
This is me trying to decide which colours each letter should have. :3 it looks pretty like that to be honest, looks abit pop arty, but I only want to use one set in the animation.

And here's a link to the animatic: LINK