Thursday, 28 February 2013


The Flower Temple is lookin' mighty fine if I do say so myself, I'd crazy proud of this creation, and I'm not even finished with it yet!! I think I might have spent a little too much time on it though, got a bit carried away :x but its beautiful so that makes up for it. Anyway, here are a few shots of the temple in all its flowery-ness. :3

"Did the flowers sneeze?" "Eww no!!"
"Oooo now that looks fancy!!"

"Ohwww that looks amazing!!" (actual quote, yey!)
(The picture really doesn't give you the idea of the full prettiness of this thing, but I don't want to post up an exact copy of it, for fear of it being stolen, I'm that proud of it.)

I am too proud of this piece, its all so pretty!! and completely unlike anything else I've designed. Of course I cant take full credit, the individual flowers are both Mine and Faye's work, and I'm hoping to get some more from Becky to finish off the gaps I've left for them. My favourite flowers are hanging over the door, the flowers are made of multicoloured feathers and really turned out well. really tropical and trippy looking., which is what I wanted for a suitably trippy piece of music. Hooray for colour!! :3

Questions? Comments? Think it needs any more wibbly-wobbliness? :3

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

On the grow...

More Garden Gang things!! A few more characters got put together today :3 I might like to get some tests done soon with them too see how they look moving about.

"Now he IS appealing"
I personally think they're looking great!! The character itself is drawn by Faye, then I take the outlines, colour them in and piece them together. This way we wern't both drawing characters and ending up with 2 different styles by the end. :3 I also dont get bored of rigging, there's a little bit of joy in seeing the parts move how they should (and sometimes how they shouldnt! :3 )  I'd say we're about halfway through the characters now. Looking forward to animating all this.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Its "growing" on me...

(Adam that was a horrible pun, go away) No!! I need to tell you about things to do with The Garden Gang!! Today we officially put our 1st character together!! Infact, Mike Mushroom, Gary Grape and Alex Apple are all set to go, and with characters on there way everythings looking a lot better, its exciting seeing characters finally put together and able to move after all the planning. :3

"Oh no!! A terrible accident has occurred!!"
"There's not mush room in here..."
 We also got some feedback about Gary Grape, it turns out that everyone (including me initially) thinks he's a pea. To rectify this I quickly changed his base colours to be less pea-like and more grape-like, and I think its worked. :3

"I'm so a-pea-ling!!"

"That looks grape!!"
 Also, we should be getting some voices for The Garden Gang on thursday, hopefully we can play around with getting some characters talking after that!! If you cant tell, I'm excited. :3

Friday, 15 February 2013

Here at the Flower Temple...

Drawing time!! This is for a group project with Faye, Becky, Chloe and me called The Flower Temple. This is a song by a musical friend of Faye's called Aaron Gwynaire, and we're making a music video too go with it. This is just me posting two random pages of Flower Temple related stuff, trying to work out how we're going to make it look pretty and cute and such. :3 I love how the flower temple itself has turned out, but I think it needs one or two more things so I'm set to redesign it soon.

"Flower Power indeed."

"On reflection, I may have drawn the house like that because it was Valentines Day."

Oh! And here's a link to the animatic for this. :3

Sunday, 3 February 2013


I thought I'd draw up a few "pretty pictures" for The Garden Gang, just so I could see the layouts for certain scenes, concept art if you will. :3 anyway, these are what I came up with.

"Every garden has a miniature Gym, you just have to know where to look."

"Weed's a there!!"

Also, the story has changed slightly from the original. Running on feedback Faye got from Ed Hooks (and our own ideas.) We've moved the main aim of the story away from healthy eating (which kids of the age group we aimed for wouldn't really care about) and took it to gardening and general advice :3. We have a new animatic to go with this, which I shall provide a link!!

LINK - Bonus points to Faye for uploading this. :3

Any pointers? A budding gardener yourself? Just plain hungry? :3 Drop me a comment.