Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Adam, more professional sign writer than last time (ish)

Update!! The previous sign was too creepy!! (which I agree with to be honest :3 ) But I can still use that style if I ever need a scary sign. So, in an effort to create a cuter sign I have came up with this!!

"Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz..."
I think this is a much better look, much friendlier :3, and I'm so tempted to animate that bee!! I don't think its 100% finished but its getting there. Any pointers are welcome!!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Adam, Professional(ish) Sign writer

A quick mini-update on things Garden Gang related. We've sorted out posters and they should be dotted around the university somewhere (courtesy of Faye, thanks!) and I've spent a abit of time today making a sort of logo for The Garden Gang. I feel its far from finished but my ideas basically there. I wanted a badly painted sign, but for now it looks unrelated to The Garden Gang apart from the obvious writing. Hopefully I can discuss that on wednesday, for now, here's what I have so far.
"Be honest, you knew it'd be yellow"

Any pointers? Need more random signs? Give me a comment!! :3

Sunday, 20 January 2013

But you're not a gardener Adam!!

New Semester, new projects, its almost like its a new year or something!! Anyway,  on with the next big thing, which for me and Faye is vegetables!! We're taking on a group of characters called "The Garden Gang", (which was a project to get kids eating healthier by Adsa in 1999) and making a little animation about life in the garden for them. :3 I'm really looking forward too it. Here are a few sketches I've done of some of the characters. (no I wont do captions for them all, I refuse, :3 )

Phew!! Well done for getting through them all, hopefully I can post up an animatic soon to go with this soon :3 until then, byes!!

LINK - Faye's Blog, as I'm doing this project with her, give it a look!!