Friday, 2 May 2014

Introducing!!...A floating, cat?

This, is important. You may not realise it, but, this can only mean one thing...Adam got his animation stuff working again!! So here, have a cat, or Kittehblimp as I've been calling him. :3

And yes, that is a logo. I like it. ^-^

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Garden Gang - An unexpected Visitor

Well, here it is!! The Garden Gangs gates can officially be opened, after a little trouble yesterday putting files together and rearranging the garden, we are ready to show what we (Me and Faye) have created, sit back, relax, pull up one of those white plastic garden chairs and tune into The Garden Gang - An Unexpected Visitor!

"Ah, the farmers been growing signposts again...wait."


This was amazing to do, I've really enjoyed making this, and voicing a character (rather then being a narrator), and making this has taught me a few things, I think I've nailed down my secondary skills now at least, and I feel confident about my animation ability. :3 of course I'll always be learning, its one of those things you cant just finalise and say "yes, I can do this, bam." There will always be something new. To the future!!

Fayes Blog: -=LINK=-

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Here at the Garden Gaaa-aaaaang...

(No Adam, The Flower Temple is done now) Oh right. Well I'd better talk about The Garden Gang then!! :3

With The Flower Temple done and dusted, its time both me and Faye focused our efforts on The Garden Gang, and focussed we have!! We feel like we can finish this animation of pretty soon and after spooling through it over the next week ironing out the creases, it should be up and running like The Flower Temple. :3

"I'm strong to the finich cause I eats me spinach..."

"...I'm Chip the sailor potato!!"
But does Chip succeed in uprooting the weed? o: (rhyme) we shall see...

You can also like the Garden Gang on Facebook :3 if you like. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Here at the FINISHED Temple!!

Friends, Romans, countrymen...Lend me your ears, eyes, and whatever other bits you need to watch a video. For I present unto you...

"Ooooooo!! Ahhhhhhhh!!"

Quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever made to date. But I don't take full credit for this, This is a group project created by me, Faye Wombwell, Chloe Brown and Becky Burst for a friend of Faye's who is a musician and songwriter, Aaron Gywnaire. It's been a fantastic project and we've experimented well with completly different styles to our norm. It also really helped us learn about teamwork, and on top of all that I absolutely loved working with all the textures, I think I've found something fancy I like :3 Anyway!! I hope you all enjoy the video, and here are a few links to the wonderful people I collaborated with to make this.

(note, this will also be entered into the "Beat 100" Music competition. So I'll be posting a link here when thats up, get ready to vote!! )


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Pie Arts, Finito!!

I've taken my time posting this, The eagle eyed among you will have noticed the video was up on Vimeo 2 days ago, I've just not had chance to blog about it because I've been working on my other projects. :3

"I may have left the keys at home..."

The Sky Arts sting is complete, whilst I feel this isnt really my bestest work, I'm still proud of it and I got a chance to try out some new ideas. :3 Best method of learning to animate is to play around with ideas and see what looks good. ^-^ anyway, here's a Link to the video, for those who didnt spot it before. :o