Monday, 29 October 2012

Rated PG-Monkey

Finished it!! I was really stuck for this brief on Friday, but I had a final brainwave today and managed to finish the Myths and Legends animation. instead of doing an animation though, I've done a funky film trailer with "special effects", "top reviewers" and ridiculous scenes which probably aren't even in the final film, like most trailers...
"The Earth had it coming."
"No no, the Buddha's not huge, he's just in the foreground."

I'm really pleased with it in the end, as I said, I was really stuck on Friday about what to do for this brief, couldn't make anything look good :( but today everything seemed to fall into place, I guess I had animators block or something. :3 Anyway!! Everyone grab a bucket of popcorn, snuggle into the slightly comfortable cinema chairs, and roll the film (trailer)!!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Tropical laser beeeeeams...

"That's a funny way to spell safe."
Volcanoes I hear you cry? Yes!! Volcanoes, its another 1 second animation for Animade's "Full Secs" Project. I'm churning out these 1 second pieces, probably because I'm enjoying making them :3 short, snappy, funny animations. This one I'm particularly proud of, looks exactly how I wanted it too. Anyway, enough jabber, here's a link, lets hope Animade like this one too. ^-^


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Coming soon, to a cinema nowhere near you!!

So, for the Myths and Legends Brief, I've got to squash my six minute animatic down into one minute. Solution? Turn it into a film trailer!!

Ok, so its not as simple as that, but stay with me. 1st, I'll need some action scenes, film trailers always have action scenes, and reviews, definitely reviews. Oh, and its gotta be read in that deep film trailer voice, you know. :3 Throw that all together, and you have a film trailer, of sorts. Well we'll find out once I've made it. I think I'm going to enjoy this one. ;D

(I've also done some more work on my 2nd "full secs" animation, but hush hush)

"I didn't know we rated films in bananas, what a country we live in"
Anything else that film trailers always have? Feel free to tell me. D:

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Started work on another "Full Secs" piece for the Animade project, this one should hopefully be a lot better then the previous one, I'm still really proud of that one, but I think I find this one funnier. :3 I cant really give you many clues about it, a) as I'm writing this from university, and b) as I didn't get chance to check my times and got here 2 hours early. X) but, it did mean I got everything I could done for this little piece. (including blogging, yey!!)

So in short, expect a mini animation within the next couple of days <3

Oh, and here's your clue. ;D

"Oh dear, it seems I've made quite a mess"

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Big Top!!

The audience is seated, the curtains going up, its time for Adam and Becky's Big Top Bonanza!!
"Its time to play the music, its time to light the lights..."

We were asked to get into teams of two and create an Ident for the "25FPS@STAFFS" project, the teams began by quickly working out three ideas, then pitching them to the rest of the class. Only with ours everyone seemed torn as to which idea to pick!! So we ended up combining all three ideas into one big animation. :3

"Swingin' baby!!"

We divided up the jobs between us, each making a few props and things each. Then we just built the animations, put them together into one and finished it off!! Here's the finished animation. Feel free to poke at it telling me whats up :3 I'll also include a link to Becky's blog, as she helped a lot with this piece.

Thursday, 18 October 2012



I'm so so proud of this!! My onomatopoeia animation has turned out exactly how I wanted it :3 (always difficult to do that.) Loved making the noises for it as well, no matter how awkward it was trying to get myself to burp on cue, and I never knew how much of a convincing pig I make. All in all, a fun one to make.

Have a look yourself and see if you can point out if anything needs tweaking. :)


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How time flies...

"B-but I haven't watched it yet!!"

I've finish that mini-project today, and it certainly is mini!! Its a 1 second animation for Animade's "Full Secs" Project, just hope that they like it. :3 I've uploaded and submitted already, so here's a link so you can have a gander as well. Tell me what you think!! ^-^

UPDATE: They've accepted my animation!! *feels good about himself*. See it in their "Full Secs" project (along with other brilliant little animations) here.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What time is it?!

*Mini-blog post* Adam's got himself a tiny side project, any guesses what it is? Here's a picture as a clue. :3

You'll want to "watch" this one, believe me. (heheh, I kill me).
"Its number 'o clock?"

Monday, 15 October 2012

What?! Pigs don't purr!!

I dub today, animation day, because I happily managed to animate ALL my onomatopea work today!! yes I'm exhausted  but it was worth it, I just need to stick in some final sounds, and I'm winning :3. This little projects a lot of fun really, and to make it more interesting and unique I'm being me, and mixing up some sounds :P Because its boring when a pig oinks like it should :3.  So on with the pictures!!

 Because bins need there sustenance as well. ^-^
"Nummy letters"
"The pig says..."
"Pigs do purr, right?"
Comments are welcome as usual. :3 Dont be afraid to tell me what you think :o

Friday, 12 October 2012

On oh mat a pea a?

(I cant spell it so I'll just type it phonetically)  All the sounds, characters and props are ready for action on my next project, on...on oh... sound words. I have "Hum", "Squelch", "Belch", Purrr", "Oink" and "Twang". I think I'm going to enjoy this one, got some good little tricks planned :P until then, pictures time!!

"Dapper attire, fit for any Gentleman/Blob."
"This is important, trust me."


Monday, 8 October 2012

The Power Of Nine Tenths

Our 1st project of the year was to portray "The power of nine" in animation, just simple short animations to get us going. Only me being me, didn't stick too the "simple" and "short" parts of the brief. As you'll find out.

"That, is one grumpy cube."
So I began by drawing out a few versions of different prepositions, I instantly realised with a few of them that I was being a bit ambitious, but me being me, I wanted to keep the ambitiousness because I felt like the animation couldn't do without it, things like the traps behind the cube, I didn't want to replace.

I decided that instead of doing 9 seperate animations, that I would do the whole thing in one continuous animation, this would take more time, but I felt would be worth it. :3 On with the storyboards!!

Because I was doing the animation continuously as opposed to making 9 little ones, I thought I'd better do a storyboard, so I knew which order I was doing all the prepositions in. Also gave me chance to draw some cuter cubes. :3

And so the final animation!! To be honest, pretty rushed by the end of it, next time I should really not overshoot to far what's required of me, but anyway, movie time!!