Monday, 8 October 2012

The Power Of Nine Tenths

Our 1st project of the year was to portray "The power of nine" in animation, just simple short animations to get us going. Only me being me, didn't stick too the "simple" and "short" parts of the brief. As you'll find out.

"That, is one grumpy cube."
So I began by drawing out a few versions of different prepositions, I instantly realised with a few of them that I was being a bit ambitious, but me being me, I wanted to keep the ambitiousness because I felt like the animation couldn't do without it, things like the traps behind the cube, I didn't want to replace.

I decided that instead of doing 9 seperate animations, that I would do the whole thing in one continuous animation, this would take more time, but I felt would be worth it. :3 On with the storyboards!!

Because I was doing the animation continuously as opposed to making 9 little ones, I thought I'd better do a storyboard, so I knew which order I was doing all the prepositions in. Also gave me chance to draw some cuter cubes. :3

And so the final animation!! To be honest, pretty rushed by the end of it, next time I should really not overshoot to far what's required of me, but anyway, movie time!!


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