Thursday, 12 July 2012

"The Monkey who wouldnt-oh darn it" *stops recording*

Hello again!! Been a while. Well yes, I've been doing literally everything to this project. :3 and I may have gone a little overboard, but its fun!! I've done characters, props, backgrounds and I'm even narrating it!! :) (which I'm strangely enjoying, normally I don't like my own voice). Anyway, have a few pictures. Storyboards on its way next, then I can make the thing!! <3

"Sun Hou-Tzu"

"A Bomb (I promise its needed)"

"Demons, with designer horns!!"

"Possibly the dumbest looking gorilla, ever to be gorilla'd."

"Deaths a keen fisherman you know!!"

"And his desks melted, a bit."

"Pay no attention too the two demons roasting marshmellows..."

"Even a table, can look good."

"NOT a giant fancy screw."

"why does everything have to have eyes?!"


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