Monday, 11 June 2012

A new project begins!!


At 1st I was very unsure about what too do for this project, I was jumping between doing a typical legend like the Greek legends, Hercules and such, and doing a modern day myth like the 2012 end of the universe myth. At 1st I thought the 2012 myth would be fun to do, I reckoned I'd enjoy animating the end of all things, :3 although we have no idea how it was going to actually end. But that also means I could end it anyway I want. ;D

Then my brother handed me a big book of various myths and legends, and I'm flicking through them as I type right now, attempting to pick one I think I'd enjoy doing. The book contains myths and legends from all over the world, Egypt, Greece, Japan, Norse, Chinese and others. But one that really sticks out at me is this.

It's a short story about a monkey who gets a bit big headed. This is no ordinary monkey, its a monkey called Sun, born from an egg on top of a mountain, who was taught by a Wizard how to change form and leap incredible lengths. Only, the monkey got a bit big headed, and tried to take over the world and even heaven itself. its a legend from China (which explains a lot) and I think it fits the criteria of what I wanted to do for this project, I wanted a legend that wasn't very well known, so that nobody else will have picked it. (which is why I've not mentioned to many details about it. ;)

Well, I think I've gone on long enough, sorry but no pictures this time, as I've not really gotten to the drawing stage yet. :3

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