Monday, 29 October 2012

Rated PG-Monkey

Finished it!! I was really stuck for this brief on Friday, but I had a final brainwave today and managed to finish the Myths and Legends animation. instead of doing an animation though, I've done a funky film trailer with "special effects", "top reviewers" and ridiculous scenes which probably aren't even in the final film, like most trailers...
"The Earth had it coming."
"No no, the Buddha's not huge, he's just in the foreground."

I'm really pleased with it in the end, as I said, I was really stuck on Friday about what to do for this brief, couldn't make anything look good :( but today everything seemed to fall into place, I guess I had animators block or something. :3 Anyway!! Everyone grab a bucket of popcorn, snuggle into the slightly comfortable cinema chairs, and roll the film (trailer)!!

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