Friday, 19 October 2012

The Big Top!!

The audience is seated, the curtains going up, its time for Adam and Becky's Big Top Bonanza!!
"Its time to play the music, its time to light the lights..."

We were asked to get into teams of two and create an Ident for the "25FPS@STAFFS" project, the teams began by quickly working out three ideas, then pitching them to the rest of the class. Only with ours everyone seemed torn as to which idea to pick!! So we ended up combining all three ideas into one big animation. :3

"Swingin' baby!!"

We divided up the jobs between us, each making a few props and things each. Then we just built the animations, put them together into one and finished it off!! Here's the finished animation. Feel free to poke at it telling me whats up :3 I'll also include a link to Becky's blog, as she helped a lot with this piece.

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