Thursday, 25 October 2012

Coming soon, to a cinema nowhere near you!!

So, for the Myths and Legends Brief, I've got to squash my six minute animatic down into one minute. Solution? Turn it into a film trailer!!

Ok, so its not as simple as that, but stay with me. 1st, I'll need some action scenes, film trailers always have action scenes, and reviews, definitely reviews. Oh, and its gotta be read in that deep film trailer voice, you know. :3 Throw that all together, and you have a film trailer, of sorts. Well we'll find out once I've made it. I think I'm going to enjoy this one. ;D

(I've also done some more work on my 2nd "full secs" animation, but hush hush)

"I didn't know we rated films in bananas, what a country we live in"
Anything else that film trailers always have? Feel free to tell me. D:

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