Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Here at the FINISHED Temple!!

Friends, Romans, countrymen...Lend me your ears, eyes, and whatever other bits you need to watch a video. For I present unto you...

"Ooooooo!! Ahhhhhhhh!!"

Quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever made to date. But I don't take full credit for this, This is a group project created by me, Faye Wombwell, Chloe Brown and Becky Burst for a friend of Faye's who is a musician and songwriter, Aaron Gywnaire. It's been a fantastic project and we've experimented well with completly different styles to our norm. It also really helped us learn about teamwork, and on top of all that I absolutely loved working with all the textures, I think I've found something fancy I like :3 Anyway!! I hope you all enjoy the video, and here are a few links to the wonderful people I collaborated with to make this.

(note, this will also be entered into the "Beat 100" Music competition. So I'll be posting a link here when thats up, get ready to vote!! )

Aaron: Facebook.com/aarongwynairemusic
Faye: phazeanimations.blogspot.co.uk
Becky: beckyburst.com
Chloe: Cjadebrown.blogspot.co.uk

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