Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Garden Gang - An unexpected Visitor

Well, here it is!! The Garden Gangs gates can officially be opened, after a little trouble yesterday putting files together and rearranging the garden, we are ready to show what we (Me and Faye) have created, sit back, relax, pull up one of those white plastic garden chairs and tune into The Garden Gang - An Unexpected Visitor!

"Ah, the farmers been growing signposts again...wait."


This was amazing to do, I've really enjoyed making this, and voicing a character (rather then being a narrator), and making this has taught me a few things, I think I've nailed down my secondary skills now at least, and I feel confident about my animation ability. :3 of course I'll always be learning, its one of those things you cant just finalise and say "yes, I can do this, bam." There will always be something new. To the future!!

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