Monday, 18 February 2013

Its "growing" on me...

(Adam that was a horrible pun, go away) No!! I need to tell you about things to do with The Garden Gang!! Today we officially put our 1st character together!! Infact, Mike Mushroom, Gary Grape and Alex Apple are all set to go, and with characters on there way everythings looking a lot better, its exciting seeing characters finally put together and able to move after all the planning. :3

"Oh no!! A terrible accident has occurred!!"
"There's not mush room in here..."
 We also got some feedback about Gary Grape, it turns out that everyone (including me initially) thinks he's a pea. To rectify this I quickly changed his base colours to be less pea-like and more grape-like, and I think its worked. :3

"I'm so a-pea-ling!!"

"That looks grape!!"
 Also, we should be getting some voices for The Garden Gang on thursday, hopefully we can play around with getting some characters talking after that!! If you cant tell, I'm excited. :3

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