Monday, 8 April 2013

Button button who's got the button?

Decided to play around with the buttons we scanned in for the flower temple :3 Started with copying a few random shapes from the felt we scanned then added buttons.

These quickly ended up looking like houses, so I ran with that Idea and made some pretty looking houses from the nonsense I had. :3

At this point I started concentrating more on the angular house rarther then the round one. Probably because I was very happy with the roof i'd made in the above picture, but the way I'd arranged the roof made me do this :x

I made the designs on the roof look more like suns by using colourize, I didnt intend them to be suns but they just look so much better going from yellow to red. :3 looking at this again I also love how that window turned out, asif it just exploded out of the wall.

And finally, the entire colour scheme changed so that those suns really stuck out. X) I've no idea what I'll use either of these houses for, but they can certainly count as a good few hours experimenting with textures/buttons :3 I enjoyed it anyway.

I also made a prettyful sun in the same way as the roof suns, I keep getting ideas of it spinning, but with all the bits coming off it as secondaries, the sort of thing only I would bother to do, I'll animate that some day. X)

and so ends my to be honest, longwinded blog post. I guess I'm in that sort of mood :3

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