Friday, 26 April 2013

'ere @ de flwr tmpl init (Adam, seriously?)

I'm running out of punny/play on word titles. :I

Anyway! Multiple amounts of progress with The Flower Temple!! :3 It's all looking so beautiful!! Every scene we make looks so pretty, but all I can really show is screenshots right now (I don't want to give away anything just yet) here are two screenies. :3

"Good house, you've been very well behaved."

"Elvis, stop eating the set!! Can we get another flower on stage please?"
Its so darn beautifuls!! :3 (Good enough to eat according to our unicorn) I cant wait till this animation is done, its going to look so amazing. Its also taught me about working with textures and setting up the network so I can use special effects x: I plan to re-use these textures in future works :3 we'll just have to see what they are. ;)

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