Wednesday, 14 March 2012

BANG!! *chickchick* BANG!!

"And tonight on Cartoon I we'll be looking at, volence?"
One of my more different projects, we are to create a channel 4 advert for a show about a controversial issue, basically not what I'm used to making (rabbits chasing planet hopping carrots through space) so this is a challenge and a half. 3 guesses what my chosen subject is.

Have the 1st version of the ANIMATIC
(the animation has been revised since this Animatic was made, for example I've been told to remove the over comical man.) I'll post a 2nd Animatic once its been made. *Is busy making props for it* :3

time: 6 hours so far (storyboard, making props/objects, animating part of the scene)

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