Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Wow it doesn't look anything like you!!"

"How'm I lookin'?"
Be honest, it does look a little like me, right? This is a quick screenie of the character sheet for the animation collaboration project, and to test it out I made me. :3

Time spent: 2-3 (I made to many bits :x )
Edit: +1 hour making more arms/Male bodies (the above Adam looked like he was in a dress)
"High 5!!"

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  1. Hi Adam, Looking good so far but still lacking in a bit of information. Remember you will use this blog to demonstrate where your time went in doing this project which is about 125hours, so make sure you keep a note of what you've done, from researching which brief to do to any problems you had with the process and how you altered things.